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Artstation challenge : Beyond Human | Villains

Villains made for the Artstation challenge - Beyond Human.
My submission :
The Heroes :

Far in the future, humanity live in peace with the robots. But as the planet dies and the resources get short in supply, the tension between these two civilizations are mounting. Humanity formed a totalitarian government where robots are confined into districts.
A small group of robots manages to escape one of these ghettos. They formed the Colony of robots (the good guys) that is a collection of resistance movements that fight against the new government.

Nicolas tham presentation lineup villains
Nicolas tham deliverables inquisitor
Nicolas tham presentation step inquisitor
Nicolas tham deliverables triplet
Nicolas tham presentation step triplet
Nicolas tham deliverables arm
Nicolas tham presentation step arm
Nicolas tham deliverables twosided
Nicolas tham presentation step twosided
Nicolas tham deliverables torturer
Nicolas tham presentation step torturer